Front Office Solutions

Integrated with Our Billing Services

Diverse group of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are standing together confidently in a hospital hallway.

Partnering with HDM as your billing service grants you access to features that will help your front-desk team operate more efficiently and reduce the practice’s administrative overhead and burden.

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+ Patient Scheduler
+ Online Payment Portal
+ Instant Eligibility Checks
+ Automated Appointment Reminders
+ Personalized Superbills
+ Remote Access
+ Office Workflow
+ Integration with the Latest Technology

Back Office Solutions

Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle

We file claims accurately and quickly, aggressively appeal insurance denials, offer accessible patient payment options, and provide data-driven analysis of the practice’s health.

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+ Monthly Performance Reports
+ Quick, Accurate Claim Submission
+ Aggressive Claim Follow-Up
+ Patient Statements & Toll-Free Patient Customer Service