It’s Coming! ICD-10 & Last Minute Help

It’s been awfully quiet recently on our healthcarebiller blog – but not for lack of activity within our office! Our team is busily working to prepare for the upcoming changes in the industry, while supporting our current and new clients with the transition. What transition is that? Well – the one that you probably can’t stop hearing about: ICD-10!

Since we are a multi-specialty billing company, we treat each of our practices with care to meet the specific needs of the specialty. Our orthopedic practice, for example, has different needs that our maternal fetal medicine clients. At HDM, we have been having individual consults with clients to discuss strategies, including a look at the top codes the client uses compared to the expansive crosswalk into ICD-10. Some of our clients will be making use of EHR’s, others making use of WhitePlume (an electronic superbill service with whom we interface), and some providers simply wish to continue to code on paper, with the assistance of laminated coding resources. We offer resources, options, and information – and then trust that the provider ultimately knows what will best serve her/him in the context of her/his practice.

If your practice finds itself overwhelmed at the prospect of ICD-10 (42 days away), and feel that you haven’t fully prepared or are scrambling in this final stretch – give us a call. We understand that procrastination isn’t the same thing as laziness – it may just be that you have had more pressing priorities on your plate (such as the care of the patients that are entrusted to you).

For your specialty… check out the following, helpful link that has gathered together a list of ICD-10 resources for each of the major specialties. Our certified coders and billers also depend upon the resources of AAPC – well worth checking out!

ICD-10 Provider Tool Kit (proved by BCBS of MA)

AAPC ICD-10 Resources