Insurance Exchanges: Impact on Practices

Just as the government went into partial shutdown, the ACA insurance exchanges opened on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  (You can check out Maryland’s exchange, the “Maryland Health Connection” here: While it is difficult to anticipate the exact effects that your practice will see from the implementation of the exchanges and the newly insured, the article below – written by consultant Elizabeth Woodcock – provides practical information on the subject. In a nutshell, Ms. Woodcock advises:

Ultimately, your best course of action during this new era of insurance coverage is to: 1) Conduct financial clearance on every patient at every visit; 2) Be diligent about collecting time of service payments; collect all copayments; and create a system to capture deductibles at the point of care – or alternatively collect minimum deposits for services to patients who have not yet met their annual deductibles; 3) Streamline your patient collections process to reduce the time to payment for patients with out-of-pocket financial responsibility; 4) Keep an eagle-eye out for communications from your current line-up of insurers; and 5) Inquire about payment rates for any exchange plans of which you find yourself part.


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Insurance Exchanges: The Impact on Your Practice