Good News for Maryland Medical Billers: Carefirst Accepts (Medicare) Electronic Secondary Claims

The news that so many local healthcare providers and Maryland medical billing companies have long awaited: Carefirst now allows for the electronic submission of Medicare secondary claims! This is a huge time and money saver when handling those secondary claims that did not automatically crossover from Medicare to Carefirst. This change actually became effective back in July 2012, was announced in September, and clearinghouses have since been setting up their platforms to allow for these electronic transmissions to take place. If you are not currently submitting these claims electronically – check with your clearinghouse to see if they are able to accept secondary claims for payer ID SB580 & SB690. It is our hope that Carefirst will continue to move forward and eventually accept all secondary claims electronically. More details on electronic claim information can be found on Carefirst’s website.