ICD-10 Update for Providers and Medical Billing Companies

June 28, 2012

Wondering just how many ICD-10 codes will be available come October 1, 2013? According to the most recent 2013 ICD-10 file that CMS published on June 20, 2012, there are currently 71,920 ICD-10 codes on the books. The majority of the codes (nearly 62,000) all fall within the medical/surgical category, while the remaining fall within the fifteen other specified categories (see second table below). For those keeping track, the current ICD-9 Code Set contains approximately 14,000 codes – a mere fraction of the ICD-10 set! Beside the explosive addition of new and revised codes, ICD-10 differs from ICD-9 in character length and organization. Healthcare providers and their medical billing and coding teams are currently familiar with codes that are 3-5 characters in length; the new codes will range from 3-7 characters, and will incorporate alpha and numeric digits. For a summary of additional basic differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10, see the AMA’s table below.




3-5 characters in length 3-7 characters in length
Approximately 13,000 codes Approximately 68,000 available codes
First digit may be alpha (E or V) or numeric; digits 2-5 are numeric Digit 1 is alpha; digits 2 and 3 are numeric; digits 4-7 are alpha or numeric
Limited space for adding new codes Flexible for adding new codes
Lacks detail Very specific
Lacks laterality Has laterality (i.e., codes identifying right vs. left)

Source: American Medical Association. 2010.


ICD-10-PCS Code 2013 Totals, By Section

  • Medical and Surgical: 61,896
  • Obstetrics: 300
  • Placement: 861
  • Administration: 1,386
  • Measurement and Monitoring: 339
  • Extracorporeal Assistance and Performance: 41
  • Extracorporeal Therapies: 42
  • Osteopathic: 100
  • Other Procedures: 60
  • Chiropractic: 90
  • Imaging: 2,934
  • Nuclear Medicine: 464
  • Radiation Oncology: 1,939
  • Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology: 1,380
  • Mental Health: 30
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: 59
  • Total: 71,920


Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 2012.