Medicaid Reimbursements to Match Medicare for Primary Care Physicians

May 9, 2012

Today, May 9, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services announced its proposed rule to implement the Affordable Care Act requirement that Medicaid reimburse primary care providers at the same as Medicare. As providers and their medical billing companies already know, Medicaid currently reimburses at a lower rate than Medicare in the majority of states, including Maryland. According to DHHS Secretary Sebelius, the proposed rule for increased payment will be entirely federally-funded, and over $11 billion will go to the States to reimburse the providers that render primary care services in the fields of internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric medicine and the like. This proposal will benefit those who are patient, as it will be applied to primary care services that are rendered in 2013 and CY 2014.

Visit the Office of the Federal Register to review the full-text of the proposed rule.